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Starting at N200 / MONTH

What is HealthCash?

HealthCash provides you with cash reimbursement if you receive treatment at the hospital for
specific perils or ailments. Upon treatment and application, Casava will pay your claims within 48hrs.


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HealthCash has been designed to be affordable
and accessible to anyone and everyone

HealthCash Benefits

Accident Care & Treatment

Get reimbursed if you receive treatment due to an accident at home, at work, or on the road.


Get reimbursed for the cost of admission at the hospital for 1 or more days.

Permanent Injury

Get reimbursed for the cost of injury that renders you permanently disabled or unable to work.


Get Reimbursed if you are infected with Malaria.

Covid19 Infection

Get Reimbursed if you are infected with Covid19 and can’t work

Reduced Working Capacity

If your working capacity is reduced by more than 50% after an accidental injury, the insurance can provide compensation

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